Go Prepaid and Save!


The PPH44SDPA is a single-phase, split keypad-based, AMI electricity meter with real-time clock that supports STS prepayment functions with a DIN rail-mount housing. Due to the small size and DIN rail housing, multiple meters can be mounted in a small enclosure thereby making installation cost effective .

The PPH44SDPA is most suited to dwelling units where a maximum load of no more than 80A per dwelling unit is required. This makes the PPH44SDPA suitable for metering on per connection to distribution board basis.

Typical applications for the PPH44SDPA include sub-metering of sectional title flats but can also be applied to sub-metering of out-buildings such as granny flats, staff accommodation and homes where suitable kiosk mounting facilities are available.

Such environments are characteristic as having a suitable kiosk with connections leading to the dwelling unit distribution boards.

Using the PPH44SDPA it is permitted to meter connections leading to the distribution boards; in so doing the PPH44SDPA can be used to meter on a per connection basis. However, because the PPH44SDPA uses a Power Line Carrier (PLC) which uses the existing electrical wiring as the means for communication between the meter and the keypad there is no need to run additional wiring between the keypad and the meter. Installation of the PPH44SDPA can therefore be easily performed without having to run additional communication wiring.

Used in conjunction with a Data Collector the PPH44SDPA can be used in environments where Time of Use (ToU) billing is required.