Go Prepaid and Save!


  The PPH32NS is a compact, three phase meter, integrated keypad-based,that supports STS prepayment functions with a housing that conforms to the British Standard (BS) footprint.

The PPH32NS is most suited to dwelling units where a maximum load of no more than 100A per phase per dwelling unit is required. This makes the PPH32NS suitable for metering on per distribution board basis.

Typical applications for the PPH32NS include sub-metering of small factories, cafés, sectional title flats and homes.

Such environments are characteristic as having a three phase distribution board per unit. The unit’s distribution board provides earth leakage and circuit breakers for multiple rooms.

Using the PPH32NS it is permitted to meter all power circuits on the distribution board; in so doing the PPH32NS can be used to meter on a per distribution board basis. The PPH32NS is installed alongside the distribution board with minimal rewiring.