Prepaid Electricity and Water Meters Online
Prepaid Electricity and Water Meters Online

Go Prepaid and Save!

There are two options of vending tokens for sub meters. Both options are international and tokens can be created 24/7.


Option 1 -  Self Management

The owner of the meter deals with the vending of the tokens himself.

  • The tenant pays any amount into the owner’s bank account or gives the owner the cash.
  • Owner receives the money and makes out a token for the tenant.
  • Token is created through an sms that is sent from the owner’s cell phone to the system.
  • Owner receives the token on his cell phone and forwards the token to his tenant.
  • Tenant receives the token and enters it on his keypad. His electricity or water is loaded with the amount that he paid.
  • The vending system costs R15 per meter per month irrespective of the quantity of tokens requested.  A debit order form is completed to collect the R15 from the owner.
  • With every first token of the month the system will deduct R15 from the tenant. E.g.:  Owner receives R200 and sends an sms for a R200 token. The tenant receives a token for R185.  In this way the owner receives his R15 back and the tenant actually pays the R15.
  • In short:  There are no additional costs to the owner.  All fees are covered by the tenant.
  • The money collected by the owner is used to pay the municipality bill or top up the main prepaid meter.

Option 2 - Outsourcing

Prepaid meters deals with vending tokens on behalf of the owner

  • The tenant can buy electricity or water at most Shell and BP garages as well as certain shops in their region. List for your area available from us.
  • The tenant can also buy electricity or water at the bank, via internet or through his credit card.
  • After the tenant deposits his money he sends an sms from his cell phone to receive his token.
  • This option doesn’t cost the owner anything.
  • For the use of this option 10% is deducted from the tenant’s payment.  Example:  If the tenant pays R100 he receives a token for R90.  The R10 is collected for administration fees.
  • At the end of the month all the money that was collected is paid over to the owner.  The owner then pays his municipality bill or tops up the main prepaid meter.